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Our insulation products are of superior quality. Ideal for new buildings and non-residential or commercial. The insulation is made by blowing cellulose or sprayed polyurethane, each work is certified Green Gard. In the case of urethane insulation, you get the certifications and CUFCA and Zero Saco.

You want to isolate a wet section of your home? Your basement? Your office or business? Isolation EcoPlus has the solution for you. Request a quote without further delay and let us offer you the best product according to your needs and budget!



Whether for new construction, renovation or commercial building, our soundproofing products are on the cutting edge of technology.

We use the technique of cellulosic fiber injection, either for walls, ceilings or floors.

We inject cellulose fiber inside walls to a density of about 3.2 lbs per cubic foot. At this density, the cellulose fiber is compacted so that it would be impossible to insert a sheet of paper! Cellulose fiber remains in place for the life of the building or soundproof area.

Soundproofing is very fast and can be performed at any time. Compared with other insulation products, high density and homogeneity of the cellulose confer absorption qualities equal or exceed the high and low frequencies, giving you unmatched sound comfort!

Our cellulose fiber is the best thermal insulation!